‘cause nothing I have is truly mine


18 – Toen ik heel luid onder de douche aan het meezingen was met James.


This girl tries her best everyday,
But it’s all gone to waste ‘cause there’s no one around,
This girl she can draw she can paint,
Likes to dance she can skate,
Now she don’t make a sound.

We’ll play in our park,
‘Till it’s too dark for us to see
Well we’ll make our way home,
With mud on our clothes,
She won’t be pleased.

I’m still here,
But it hasn’t been easy,
I’m sure that you had your reasons,
I’m scared for this emotion,
For years I’ve been holding it down,

And I,
Love to forgive and forget,
So I,
Try to put all this behind us,
Know that my arms are wide open,
The older I get, the more that I know.

Well it’s time to let this go.
I got to let it go


Inderdaad, ik moet het laten gaan.


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